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About Us

Since 1965, the brand affectionately known as ‘the little flower’ has been spreading French dairy know-how throughout the world.
Our brands are present in more than 50 countries and we are the world’s second largest player in fresh dairy products. We have been pioneers of the dairy category for almost 60 years and launched in the UK in 1991.

We want everyone to have access to the nutritional benefits and delicious taste of our yoghurts. We are leaders in fortification and have been adding Calcium and Vitamin D to our kids products for 15 years.


Delicious products made from locally sourced milk

At Yoplait, we process fresh milk in our 3 French factories every day to make delicious and nutritious dairy products for children and adults.
At our sites in Vienne, Le Mans and Monéteau, we only use milk sourced from farmers who are members of the Sodiaal cooperative, the largest dairy cooperative in France,  who also own Yoplait. We focus on local sourcing by collecting milk from farmers located close to our factories.

All of our products are made with milk produced by Sodiaal

Proud to be owned by the largest cooperative of dairy farmers in France, we make sure that their hard work is rewarded by capturing every precious drop of creamy milk inside each of our delicious yoghurts. Innovation runs through our DNA. We were the first to launch fruit yoghurt, the first to launch a drinking yoghurt and the first to launch yoghurt in a tube. Our brands are iconic and are a staple in UK homes.

Yoplait, committed to nature

Supporting biodiversity and protecting our planet

Because one third of our food, and in particular fruit, depends on pollinators such as bees, biodiversity is at the heart of Yoplait’s sustainability commitments. Because without bees, we would no longer have fruit for our products.
Since 2015, Yoplait has been supporting the Observatoire Français d’Apidologie (French Observatory of Apidology) and ensuring our employees and other stakeholders in the areas where we are located, take action to help drive the re-population of bees. More than 500 million melliferous flowers that feed bees have already been planted in France and the UK as part of this partnership.

Our factory in Monéteau, in the centre of Northern France, is an example of how our business is geared towards promoting biodiversity: solar panelled roofs, flocks of sheep that graze our lawns, flowering meadows and green spaces that have become a refuge for many protected bird species.

Preserving natural resources

Minimising waste

Our packaging is vital to providing consumers with confidence around the quality and safety of our products, but we need to find ways to reduce its impact on the environment.
We are working to eliminate unnecessary packaging and are committed to designing all our packaging to be recyclable by 2025.

In the UK, we are members of WRAP’s Plastic Pact and we are committed to reducing the climate impact of plastic packaging.

Yoplait is committed to minimising food waste and ensuring that any surplus yoghurt goes to those most in need during these challenging economic times. We are proud to partner with The Felix Project and to help them in their mission to rescue surplus food from the food industry. We will be supporting our charity partner with food donations, volunteering and fundraising and are committed to making a difference.

Innovative energy solutions

In our three factories, we have worked hard to reduce our consumption of natural resources, such as water and energy. And today, we are working to enhance the positive energy impact of our yoghurt production.

Yoplait, a brand owned by the 17,000 member producers of the Sodiaal dairy cooperative

At Yoplait, our main ingredient is milk. And when you belong to a dairy cooperative, turning every drop of milk into delicious dairy products for all ages makes perfect sense. The Sodiaal cooperative is committed to taking up the challenge of continually improving and reinventing itself to meet the expectations of customers and consumers and to ensure a future for the French dairy industry by :

Providing the best to its consumers
Acting to sustain the dairy industry
Supporting the agro-ecological transition